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Concurrent 2-Factor Identity Verification

March 2021. Many functions in our daily life require identity verification. Traditional identity verification methods, including passwords, ID cards, or other physical devices, all have their apparent weaknesses or inconvenience. Biometric-based identity verification techniques are popular and more secure than traditional methods but cannot prevent passive verification or provide liveness assurance. We have developed a new identity verification technique, called Concurrent Two-Factor Identification Verification (C2F-IV). It analyzes spatial facial features and facial motions concurrently to verify identity. It requires only a short video of the frontal face expressing a unique user-produced facial motion. Provisional Patent Application Number: 63135136. ECEn News,, PC Magazine, enGadget

The City of 'LeeHi' - Self-Driving Car

December 2019. BYU offers 'crash course' in self-driving car technology. Student-built self-driving cars try to navigate the tiny city of "Leehi" in a new electrical & computer engineering graduate course. BYU News. Daily Herald

Great Lakes Invasive Carp Challenge

March 2018. Dr. D.J. Lee of Smart Vision Works, Inc. in Orem, Utah, also a professor and director of the Robotics Vision Laboratory at Brigham Young University, took fourth place in Michigan's Great Lakes Invasive Carp Challenge with his Recognition and Removal of Invasive Fish and awarded $75,000. His solution is designed to prevent invasive carp from moving past the installation point by directing all fish through an automated imaging and sorting system that uses unique recognition software to divert invasive carp to a holding area for harvest. Carp Tank. Outdoor News. Google Great Lakes Invasive Carp Challenge.

Foosball with Artificial Intelligence

April 2016. Computers have been beating humans at board games like chess and Go. But now they've conquered the basement and bar game of foosball too. A group of undergrads at Brigham Young University in Utah have built an AI machine that can play on a modified foosball table. In a recent game, the machine defeated a human player four to one. BYU News CNN Business. KSL TV. Fox News. Deseret News.

Visual Inspection with Machine Learning

January 2010. Object recognition is a well studied but extremely challenging field. We developed a novel approach to feature construction for object detection called Evolution-COnstructed Features (ECO features) in 2010. ECO features are automatically constructed by uniquely employing a standard genetic algorithm to discover multiple series of transforms that are highly discriminative. We have successfully applied this algorithm to many visual inspection applications. BYU New and

Intelligent Ground Vehicle

May 2006. It looks like a cross between a lawn mower and a snowmobile, but the Brigham Young University Y-Clops is all high-tech. Designed and built by a team of 12 electrical and computer engineering students, the mobile robot uses a color camera for an eye, an old wheelchair for a body and a custom-built circuit board running artificial intelligence algorithms for a brain as it navigates a course filled with barrels, buckets and cones all by itself. BYU News.